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Services Provided

Our services report a detailed shop score for individual hotel services as well as an overall score for the entire hotel. 

We also provide a year-to-date score in each area of the hotel, which helps you facilitate benchmark improvements. 

Mystery Shop Versions

  • Hotel Formats
    • All Departments
    • Arrival
    • Sales Staff Phone & Email
    • Sales Staff & Competition Site Tour
    • Reservation Staff Phone & Email
  • Restaurant
  • Stadium
  • Theater
  • Parking Lot Management

Qualifying Feedback

The SPS process provides staff experiential property standards feedback and observations for hotel management.

Our mystery shoppers observe and interact directly with staff and objectively document their experiences through multiple-choice 

survey responses and in-depth narrative comments.

The feedback includes the shopper’s opinion of staff attitude and efficiency, the same experiences presumably encountered 

by your everyday guests.

Professionals Make a Difference

Our shoppers are thoroughly trained on the “SPS” Mystery Shop system prior to their initial assignments. Most of our shoppers 

have held Senior Management or Sales positions with Hotels and Restaurant Corporations. Our training process and use of 

Hospitality Business Professionals provide our clients with a higher level of consistency and meaningful feedback and observations 

than other shop companies.

Incremental value

Many of our clients have other shop companies mandated by their Corporate Management to provide observational shop services. 

These clients have found our Services to be cost-effective and beneficial in maintaining on-going staff evaluations with a fresh 

and different perspective than those provided by the other Shop Companies.

Competitive Set Comparison

An additional cumulative score comparison report can be provided to display your benchmark results face-to-face against other hotels 

in your local market or similar hotel types across the country.

Proof of Success

SPS Shop Services have been providing successful value-added service for over 4 years. We consistently receive feedback from our 

clients that our shop formats are of great benefit to them in identifying service areas needing improvement as well as staff 

adherence to client service standards.